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2014-09-15 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Weekly News

Hello again and once again welcome to the news page. We are starting to pick up the numbers and I like to see that, we need everybody surfing to show what a real active membership can do. I want to see everyone surfing this week if possible just to see what we can do. This is a call to surf and remember, we are an activity based exchange and active members reap the benefits plus the added benefit of the network views.

I don't think I will be adding the social here at the auto until I get all the manuals running the social branding system but it may come in the future here at T4D. Check out our manual Social Branding Systems and see what TES 2.1 can do for you !

TES 2.1 Social Branding Sites

The power of the social branding sites is great and I can't wait to get it here on T4D. Right now, there are four TES 2.1 Sites running the social branding module.

Intelligent Traffic  Splash Page Hits  Total Drama Traffic  MadMan Surf

TES 2.1 is doing Pre Built Sites again and Social is available for all TES 2.1 sites and the modules are already available to current site owners and if you buy a pre built site you can now buy the social module and add it to the site for a few dollars more.

Right Now, there is One Site Available Ready for Purchase - Surf Panther

Network Manual Traffic Exchange - Banner, Mini Banner and Text Ad Exchange, Basic Graphics and Site Set Up with the Domain Name Included.

A $410.00 Value - On Sale Now - Click Here !

A New Service You Should Check Out !

Have a business or group and want to stay in contact, this service is for you. Recommending sites for you to join is something you don't see me do often but I don't mind recommending things that are useful to my members, this is not a paid ad. I know the site owner and expect a great level of service and plenty of great features.

InterOffice.US - Private Secure E-Mail / File Sharing

Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 498,970 pages this week, we are up almost 50,000 since last week but I know we can do much better, please remember to surf some daily. the graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Sep 14:   649
Sep 13:   717
Sep 12:   712
Sep 11:   693
Sep 10:   631
Sep 09:   673
Sep 08:   638

We are the most transparent traffic exchanges running today, we tell the truth about our member numbers, our surfing numbers and we have been building this network for over 10 years. It is still here running today because we are realistic and honest.

Traffic 4 Dummies Site Special

This week will be a credit special because I will be getting those surfing numbers up and credits will be going fast. Get  10000 credits now for the price of 2500. This sale will only be here until 9-23-2014 so don't miss out and run out of credits.

Must Be Logged In To Take This Special

T4D Member Log In - T4D Site Special Offer

That is all I have for now, I hope you find something of value here each time you come. have a great week and thanks for surfing Traffic 4 Dummies.
Ronda Hillman - T4D Admin

2014-09-10 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Weekly News

Hello again and welcome to all of our new members here at T4D. We have a lot going on here all the time and I am just getting back into the swing of things after letting the admin team run things for the last couple of months. I try to post the news here each week so all members can read and see what is happening on the site.

We are an activity based exchange and that means the more active you are, the more you are rewarded for your activity. We delete ALL duplicate accounts, cheaters and rule breaker's accounts daily unconcerned with the numbers game so popular among owners. if you run out of credits, your ads do not show and if you are inactive for 30 days, your ads do not show. Most inactive members are out of credits and we send a couple of e-mails to let them know about their inactivity or lack of credits but those accounts are marked for removal every 90 days, this helps us keep a clean, active site.

New TES 2.1 Site for Sale !

I have been so busy it has been awhile since I made a pre built exchange for sale. As we head into the season and start growing the network, I may be too busy to do a lot of pre built sites as people start buying more software during the colder months. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a way to make a few extra bucks or a way to advertise your other sites to lots of people through the network, this site will not last long.

Surf Panther

Set up as a manual only site with a text ad and banner exchange as well as a mini banner exchange. This is a $200.00 Surf System with three $50.00 Exchange Modules, basic graphics, site set up and the domain name is included. A $410.00 value on sale for $275.00 and it includes the network hookup to the Manual Traffic Exchange Network. Click Here to Visit Surf Panther Now !

Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 452638 pages this week but I expect that will go up as we get into full swing this season. The graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Sep 07:   672
Sep 06:   503
Sep 05:   620
Sep 04:   626
Sep 03:   742
Sep 02:   635
Sep 01:   533

Traffic 4 Dummies Site Special

As usual, the site special will appear on the log in page each day the first time you log in. If you missed that 100,000 credit sale, that will not be around again anytime soon. This week is another special I don't use often, a 1 year Genius Account for a Steal !

You Must be logged in to take the Special !

Click Here to Log In - Click Here to Take the Site Special !

Please be sure to surf and help us raise those numbers back to the million mark over the next month or two. Take some time for family and friends and try to make a difference for someone that really needs it, always pay it forward whenever you can. Have a great week and thank you for being a member of Traffic 4 Dummies.
Ronda Hillman - T4D Admin

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