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2014-07-16 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Site News

Hello from T4D and I hope you are having an awesome summer so far. I have been so busy at work and taking care of the family I missed my deadline for my last e-mail but I am sure you all get plenty from other sites to make up for it. I have one moving home from college and one down with a back injury and with the other two out of school for the summer, I have been extra busy but we have a great admin to make up for it.


To all our members that enjoy using the site because we keep it real and stay out of those bogus numbers games the other sites play, I urge you to check out My-Traffic-Exchange. It belongs to our admin Don White and he runs it like we do our sites, clean and real. It is a network manual traffic exchange and downline builder running the TES 2.1 Software and I hope to see you there.


Traffic Stats

Our weekly numbers are holding steady around 500,000 which is down quite a bit from the peak times when outdoor activities. The graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Jul 13:   611
Jul 12:   623
Jul 11:   776
Jul 10:   796
Jul 09:   743
Jul 08:   794
Jul 07:   731
Jul 06:   762
Jul 05:   932
Jul 04:   850
Jul 03:   782
Jul 02:   802
Jul 01:   669
Jun 30:   713
Jun 29:   805
Jun 28:   640
Jun 27:   681
Jun 26:   775
Jun 25:   897
Jun 24:   986
Jun 23:   813

I fully expect our numbers will increase as more members get back to surfing as the indoor season starts and I send out some mails to inactive members and members with no credits. we like to make sure we keep only real and active members here at T4D.

Site Special

Since I missed a week on my site specials being so busy, I will leave this money saver up for the next two weeks but it is one I don't use often so take a look. You will see it each day the first time you log in but it will not last long.

New Service for Businesses, Marketers and Networks

If you are looking for a way to communicate online with your network of people and are sick of spam in your e-mail, take a look at this service. It is a great way for any company or group or network of people to stay in touch without all the spam and I think a lot of marketers will find it very useful.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer with family and friends, be sure to spend some time outside and enjoy some sunshine. Have a great week and thanks for being a member of Traffic 4 Dummies.
Ronda Hillman - T4D Admin.
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