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2014-11-17 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Weekly News

Hello and thanks for stopping by the news page this week, it has been a busy week and I owe you guys an AMR Reward to trade credits for. I thought I would have it finished by today but it is late and I am just now finishing my last site newsletter here at T4D. This ship does not guide it's self, it takes three of us working full time to make sure all the members are getting taken care of. Between Don, Bucky and me, there is at least 80 and sometimes 100 hours a week we spend on these sites working.

Imagine an operation this size being run, two networks, two software sales sites, a network ad system and all the sites we use to support the growth of our customers businesses being run by just me. The network blacklists are the largest lists of bad websites anywhere, we have been recording bad sites for over 10 years. I would not want to do it all alone, that is way too much work, you have seen the changes across the sites and AMR will be next here at T4D. Some people have a lot of credits, let us see if we can come up with something good. With a module builder, anything is possible.
AMR Surf Rewards

If you are looking for something worth surfing for, along with the network ad system you are getting, AMR Rewards are Real Rewards that Never Go Away. Imagine having a 5 page hosted website, building downlines, earning credits and promoting you and your social connections hosted forever for you just because you surfed and earned it.

The nice thing about being able to give you the AMR Rewards is they are ALL different. After this AMR Reward, this particular AMR Pro Marketing Site will no longer be available and the next reward will be built, it may be a splash page, an auto responder page or a huge downline builder, maybe even a single social branding page, it is both nice and fun to be in a unique group that marches to it's own beat with honesty and transparency and uses things we think up without copying them from others.

Have One Million Credits in Your Account at T4D ? Want One of These ? Use the Contact Form HERE !

FREE 5 Page AMR Pro Marketing Website Forever !
TES 2.1 Software Sales Site

I spent some time updating the TES 2.1 Site with a new look and some new info since the release of the New Social Framework Module Builder. The new look is complete and I will be adding examples of all the things you can do with the new module builder.

You can see them across our sites like Intelligent Traffic, Total Drama Traffic, Splash Page Hits and others. The idea that you can buy one addition for your TES 2.1 site ($300.00) and build all the socially integrated, affiliate integrated modules you want is a game changer. Being forced to have a cookie cutter site that looks and works like all the others is really not what we want for our customers.

I have no problem saying that the cheap scripts where you need a coder to add modules are now dead for all intents and purposes. The TES 2.1 Affiliate Program is now open to qualified members of the allowed countries.

Traffic Exchange Software TES 2.1
TES 2.1 Demo Site

I have been working hard to show people looking for a traffic exchange all the possibilities with the unique TES 2.1 Software. I have retooled the Traffic Exchange Software Site and am working on sprucing up the Demo Site so you can see what it can do. If you have not checked out the Demo Site, click below and check it out. Remember, I can build custom systems for you with social integration, affiliate and auto responder integration with the New Social Framework Module Builder which can be added to any TES 2.1 Site for $300.00 and I build your first custom mod Free !

TES 2.1 Traffic Exchange Software Demo Site
Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 533,637 pages this week up about 9,000 pages this week- Please Remember to Surf Daily, we have to keep up the growth by surfing. We are sending approx 15,000 to 20,000 of your pages a day out across the network for better quality. The graph below shows the daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Nov 16:   571
Nov 15:   590
Nov 14:   648
Nov 13:   802
Nov 12:   739
Nov 11:   755
Nov 10:   652
That is all I have for now, watch for the AMR surf rewards page coming up and after Jan, 1st, the One Million Credit trade will be off the table as these are Limited Rewards. New rewards each time to make sure we keep things fresh with the AMR System. Have a great week and Thanks for Surfing T4D.
Ronda Hillman - T4D Admin

2014-11-10 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Weekly News

Hello Once Again and thank you for taking an interest in what we are doing at T4D and the NWT Sites. I am always telling members that the busy season for online marketing is when the snow flies and it is cold in a large part of our market. That is when a majority of people spend more time indoors looking for ways to earn online. I have always been about the traffic first and making the best sites possible and making our software the best in the business but I don't always take my own advice. Over the years, we have added so many functions that no cheap TE script can even compare and now with the Brand New TES 2.1 SFMB ( Social Framework Module Builder ) the gap is so wide they will never catch up.

To coincide with the Makeover of my TES 2.1 Sales Site for the Busy Season, I am having an awesome special. If you have been thinking about a purchase, now is the time. Look below and see if what we have can fit with what you want to do and remember, we can build ANY site with TES 2.1 in a members system with Social Integration, the site does not have to be a Traffic Exchange, SFMB will build anything.
Traffic Exchange Software - TES 2.1 Affiliate Program Launch

I have Opened the Affiliate Program for TES 2.1 and You Can Earn 10% of Every Software Sale You Make. I have made plenty of Banners and Splash Pages and there will be Lots More as I figure out all the things I can do with the New Social Framework Module Builder. Click Below to Join and Promote. A Plain Basic Site Sale puts $20.00 in Your Paypal Account. If You are Looking for Something Else to Promote, Join the Traffic Exchange Software - TES 2.1 Affiliate Program.

Sell the Best TE Software Available !
How Traffic Exchange TES 2.1 Killed Cheap TE Scripts

For 10 years I have been using my software and I have learned how to do just about anything I want to with it and with the new Social Framework Module Builder, you can integrate just about any service that runs on a user id or user number into your site for your members. I have built many things that help me market everything from my software to my Amazon Sales with Social Framework Module Builder. No cheap scripts can even do a small part of what one single TES 2.1 Site with a Single Framework can do.

Once you add Social Framework Module Builder to your TES 2.1 site, all you have to do is build your own modules any time you want to offer something new, no coder, no money, just build it. Cheap TE Scripts are Dead Now and TES 2.1 Killed Them ! No more cookie cutter design where all the sites look the same except for the graphics. No paying a coder thousands of dollars for a new module, just build your own module. The cheap TE scripts that promise riches but never deliver are  DEAD and on NOTICE !

Take a look below at some of the things I have built with Social Framework Module Builder. Your imagination is the only limit with TES 2.1 Social Framework Module Builder and nobody else sells it, you will not find a module builder in ANY traffic exchange scripts being shoved on everyone as the best LOL. None of them can do anything even remotely close to the smallest part of my framework, Look below . Then go look at the cheap traffic exchange cookie cutter scripts some others have the nerve to call software. Not to mention a $250.00 upgrade for a Year at the Traffic Networks and a $276.00 one year site owner upgrade at Direct-Traffic, any site is a value.

Social Branding

Social Assets - Social Surf Block - Splash Page Builder - Squeeze Page Builder
Video Splash Page Builder - Lead capture Page Builder - Downline Builders

Affiliate Marketing

 Pro Marketing Website - Affiliate Integration

Multi Site Reward System

These are just some of the things I have built and you can come up with your own ideas. These are what I have tried, I love coming up with New Mods. The AMR Reward system is actually running in a Social Framework Module Builder and that is what I will use to offer the very unique rewards to AMR Winners. The possibilities are endless, what can you build with the best TE Software on the Planet ?
Don't Want to Build Your Own Site - CHANCE TO SAVE

I have set up an awesome starter site with a solid domain name and everything you need to start earning online and I just knocked $50.00 off the price and made a Coupon ( MAKEOVER ) which will save you another 10%. I did this to commemorate the MAKEOVER I gave to the Traffic Exchange Software Site but You Save !

 I set this site up so you will not have to do anything but add your Paypal info and start using and promoting it. It has a One Time Confirm Account Offer, A Two Step First Time Log In One Time Offer, Daily Log In Bonus, A Very Nice Visual Progressive Surf Offer System, Prize Pages, Quick Navigation on the Log In Page, Manual Traffic Network Connected, All Member Levels and Item Pricing are set up. It has Manual and Hover Surfing for Free Members and Variable Manual Surfing is available for Upgraded Members. Networked on all three surf tracks, full banner, mini banner and text ad exchange system is included and that is a $150.00 value right there.

I set this site up so all you have to do is add your Paypal info and use and promote it. I will move it to your hosting Free of Charge. I have 120 Instructional videos in the Help Section to teach you how the software works and should have have 120 more by the time winter is over as I go over the CSS, Content Management System and the New Social Framework Module Builder like I did the Software Functions. LPT is the First of many Pre-Built Manual Sites that we will be going up for sale this busy season. Don't forget the One Year Network Upgrade ( $250.00 Value ) and the One year Network Ad System Site Owner upgrade at Direct-Traffic ( $276.00 Value ).

New TES 2.1 Site for Sale !

Don't Miss Out on This One of a Kind System !


Use the Coupon - MAKEOVER and Save 10% on ANYTHING and that Includes Pre Built Sites like Launch Pad Traffic as well as all the software and modules. There is no better time to start your own online business with the help of NWT and T4D running on real software instead of some cheap script. Use the Coupon and Save.
Coupon Expires on 11-17-2014
Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 524,988 pages this week up about 50,000 pages this week- Please Remember to Surf Daily, we have to keep up the growth by surfing. We are sending approx 15,000 to 20,000 of your pages a day out across the network for better quality. The graph below shows the daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Nov 09:   574
Nov 08:   840
Nov 07:   646
Nov 06:   695
Nov 05:   713
Nov 04:   509
Nov 03:   703
Traffic 4 Dummies Site Special

This week I have offered a sale on a Great Deal on Credits - get 10,000 Site Credits for
the Price of 1000 and save  over $25.00 and blast your Sites Across the Network
 SALE ENDS - 11-17-2014 - Last Sale of 2014.

Must Be Logged In To Take This Special

T4D Member Log In - T4D Site Special Offer
Again, my T4D AMR Reward is not finished but I am making something special and you will be able to trade credits for it. At the moment I am set on a trade of 1 million Auto Credits for the AMR Reward so keep surfing and those credits will get you something you can get to enhance your marketing from T4D. Have a great week and please remember to surf daily.
Ronda Hillman - T4D Admin
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