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2014-04-22 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Weekly News

Hello and thanks for clicking through to read the news. We were really down this week but we did have a server outage for a day so that killed the numbers. Surfing takes a few days to recover from an outage but it has always jumped right back so we should have a good week this week. I added a new site to the portfolio this week and I would live it if you would check it out, join and use the service. You will not be sorry.

Funny Farm Traffic - Established in 2003 - 1695 Real Members !

Funny Farm Traffic is a Network Manual Traffic Exchange with a built in Banner Exchange, Built in Text Ad Exchange and a Full Downline Builder. Lots of active members and it shows your sites on 60 manual traffic exchanges. Lots of new things will be coming there to update the site with games and social branding so jump in now.

Funny Farm Traffic Manual Traffic Exchange

Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 639,744 page views this week, way down due to a day down time. We sent between 21,000 and 25,000 pages out across the network daily. The graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Apr 20:   836
Apr 19:   937
Apr 18:   908
Apr 17:   685
Apr 16:   408
Apr 15:   864
Apr 14:   1055

We were in the millions but it is visible that since the down day, surfing is coming back but we should always be over a million hits every week so please surf some daily.

New Weekly Special on the Log In Page !

I have put a credit special on the log in page, you will see it once a day the first time you log in each day right on the log in page. Get 10,000 Credits for the Price of 2,500.

Have a great week and be sure to help us get back over a million hits this week by surfing daily. Make sure you report any bad sites you find, we give 500 credits for any substantiated confirmed report and we block the site from being added or showing on the network in the future, it helps keep one of the smoothest surf rotations anywhere. have a great week and as always, thank you for surfing Traffic 4 Dummies.
Ronda Hillman _ T4D Admin

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2014-04-14 -
Traffic 4 Dummies Weekly News

Hello again and thank you for clicking through to read the news. We had a great week thanks to all your surfing. The network added 3 more sites ( 32 Total Now ) and things seem to be going great as we head into the Easter Holiday Weekend. There is a great special on the log in page for Easter and it will not be there long, it is not to be believed.

Are You Using Banner and Text Ads ?

We have a great Banner Exchange and Text Ad System built into T4d and the Banner Blaster runs in the surf bar of 15 active auto and manual traffic exchanges so your banner is seen by actual active members across some of the best te sites around. The text ads are seen all over the T4D site and all our members see them as well as being on the front page in place of any paid ads, take advantage of all our systems.

Weekly Traffic Stats

Our active members surfed a total of 861,789 page views this week and we sent out between14,000 and 27,000 pages across the network a day. The graph below shows our daily hits per member and is based on an upgraded member that always surfs and never runs out of credits.

Apr 13:   741
Apr 12:   872
Apr 11:   1266
Apr 10:   1236
Apr 09:   1104
Apr 08:   1088
Apr 07:   1056

T4D Easter Special

I added a New Special to the System just for Easter ! Nobody can beat the price on this awesome deal and you will see it daily the first time you log in each day on the log in page. It will be gone real fast so don't snooze on this one.

For those that celebrate it, have a great Easter Holiday Weekend and to all members everywhere, thank you for being a valued member of T4D. Be sure to surf daily and lets blow that million mark out of the water this week. I know we can do it.
Thanks, Ronda Hillman - T4D Admin
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